Spiritual Awareness

This article is an overview on different aspects of spiritual living. There is a lot to know about how to overcome life's circumstances, whether its mental illness or any type of well being. In the field of religion, there are different outlooks on the sovereignty of God, including different Catholic and Protestant beliefs.

Many of us have been through experiences in life in which we try to forget or learn from the places we have been — whether it's at school, home, or at a workplace — there is not much we can do to fix what has happened in the past. That is because some people may have been verbally abused at home, bullied at school, or haven't completed each task to their boss's expectations. These are the experiences that people often go through to push them off course, and they can often be set backs in not being able to do

very well in school or at work from incidents that did occur in the past. But if you believe in religious trials and experiences, it may lead to something better in the long run, especially a new line of work, although many jobs are not really the will of God. Otherwise, the power and will of God would be in you to go about your job in accomplishing what he has called you to do.

When I felt set back, not only did I lose my job, my mental health began to suffer from illness. By living with a mental illness, I began to take an extra dose of the drugs that the doctors would put me on. But the medicine would never seem to cure me anyways, since my manic depressive disorder was so severe from difficult life experiences. At times, even the extra dose of Xanax wouldn't help me, so I took that with alcohol to sustain the condition that I was in. Sometimes it would just be alcohol depending on how much I would drink to feel at peace. This led to an addiction to both drugs, and while taking them at the same time, I almost died, not knowing the dangers of mixing those drugs. In fact, I thought I was dying at one point, as I could feel my heart beating too fast. I wonder if I should have been dead by the amount of drinks that were in me. I felt that two reasons were effecting me into drugs: that I was influenced to take them and was accountable under God. Feeling convicted while knowing his laws led to the fear of dying, and as I almost was, the only way back was to discover what I was missing in reading about God. That may not have been a religious experience but a near death experience that would lead me to a religious trial. So even when I was off of the drugs, I still thought that I was dying and headed to a place outside of this world, wondering if I did overdose on drugs.
While being at home in an unstable condition, I felt that I was in a John Hagee movie called Escape from Hell, which is about a man who wakes up in a hospital, unsure if the doctors kept him alive or not. But in my condition, with my heart feeling as though something is trying to carve it out, I felt like the devil was telling me that I was on the verge of leaving

this world with him. There must be a way that I can get over the sin, the addiction, and the uncomfort I was in without the drugs. I would have to discover the core beliefs which are overwhelmingly apparent if you study God's true teachings.

Somehow, I was misguided in believing that the teachings of Roman Catholicism are infallible, and that whenever sin is committed, we must go to them to become reconciled. When searching for answers, I encountered an apologist named Dave Hunt, who wrote a book called A Woman Rides the Beast. In his book, Dave convinced me that they are full of heresy and abominations, from Catholicism's companionship with Hitler to Pope Innocent 111 wiping out large multitudes of Christians, as well as other popes who killed many of them throughout history.
This led to Martin Luther's Reformation that took place in the 16th century, and I always knew who Luther was, but since he is from the middle ages, I never gave much thought to considering him as a major source to overcome this trial. With Dave Hunt's book, all I needed was a basic book called Luther's Fortress that not only tells about his arrest and army which defended him at the Diet of Worms, but his doctrine explains how God is a fortress around us even if it's regarding death. But the information in Hunt's book, along with Andrew Wommack, another spiritual leader and book writer, informed me about the true nature of God. And Dave wrote that "the gospel was being spread before any church was ever established," which is how I discovered to oppose the teachings of Roman Catholicism — as if the bible belongs to the Catholic hierarchy. But in Andrew Wommack's book, The Believer's Authority, we have full authority by what the scriptures offer the individual — God's healing power and forgiveness. So there is no fixing the past on our own, for God has already done it, but I know that religious trials are true, so that he can position us to pursue something that is better than where we once were. Without the trial, I would have been stuck at a dead end job that doesn't really serve God's purpose.

 Whether it was a mental illness or his power that lifted me out of the depths of dying, it was the knowledge that gave me the power to rescue my mind. Doctors who prescribe medicine can help mental health problems temporarily, but Dave Hunt explains that psychology does not really mix with spirituality, for mental illnesses are closer to a myth compared to how the bible can heal. Growing in biblical knowledge is how you can overcome all mental illnesses, and part of what induces mental illness can be sin, causing fear or paranoia. That is why it is important to resist sin, so we can grow in knowledge of what God wants us to do, going beyond of how sin has been payed.

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  • nbillett  21-09-2018
    Thank you for sharing your personal story with us. We all go through horrid times and some of us deal with it better than others. I had to take drastic measures to get out of my depression, to the point where I had to separate myself from certain family members who were causing me distress. It can be tough and it was tough for me. But i knew early on that I was missing my relationship with God and so I did everything I could to get back to that comfort. People were mad but I was happy to be reunited with my God.
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  • slimtom1994  23-08-2017
    There was a place where you said not every job is from God. I have a question. If one gets the job of a cashier at a bar after months of unemployment, should he take it?
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  • francismalingu  22-08-2017
    Keep on believing in everything you do whether you are undergoing torrid times.Have strong faith in GOD believe that He will always be there to pull you through in every circumstance. Worship him in spirit and truth.
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